September, 17th – Stuttgart, Club Zentral – Dornenreich, Ahab, Fjoergyn

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After some days of silence I am back with a new report – this report is about an event I organized together with my live crew as part of the METAL NIGHTS concert series. The preparation of this and other events were also the reason for no new updates.

I was really nervous about this day although it must be something like the 50th show I did as organizer. But this time was different – a sold out small venue with a capacity of 300 people as upper limit. I was afraid about the space in the concert room so together with the venue we decided to change the stage to give the poeple more room. It was okay for the bands as well and it should crop up that this decision was right…

When I arrived at the Club Zentral in Stuttgart city centre about 2pm the nightliner of the tour was already parked aside of the building, everything was already unloaded so I welcomed all the people. The funny thing was that I knew most of them.
Of course AHAB can be entitled as quite good friends now (not only because half of the band is signed to Supreme Chaos Records with DEAD EYED SLEEPER) and because Heci was staying at home to await the birth of his son (who saw the light of the world the day before this show b.t.w. – his name is Jonas), Markus – guitarist of my band THE EXORIAL and A&R at Supreme Chaos Records – joined the nautik team as live session member.
Then there were the guys of FJOERGYN who I have not seen for years. With my band KARKADAN I have played with them on the legendary Nightmare Before Summer festival 2006 in Thuringia (before this festival has to call it quits – unfortunately! – one of the best locations you can imagine – an old summer camp in the mountains in East Germany) and I only have seen them once since this time.
And last but not least DORNENREICH with whom I am in close contact since the plans for this tour started beginning of the year. Very nice people. I hope that I can work together with them in the future, again…

As time went by everything was plugged in, built up and prepared. My crew did an awesome job, again!
When the first people arrived I had to realize that the new barcode scanner I have bought does not work as well as the old one (which was stolen) because of different quality of the barcode print outs depending on the printer it was printed with – but the new e-Ticket system was great anyway and we got everything flowing after a while. Hope to get the scanner problem fixed until the Secrets Of The Moon show…



Speaking of the music… Is there something you can do wrong with a great audience in a packed, nice small club with great sound due to a very good sound engineer? FJOERGYN proved that you can do it even better than just doing a decent job. The audience was really enthusiastic about the music of these charismatic guys who had to concentrate to play their well arranged pagan and folk influenced extreme metal underlayed by a lot of symphonic additions which came from tape. And I have to admit that the guys rocked this evening which was rewarded by the attendees with a great applause and with a rush on their merchandise.



Now it was time to slooooooooooow down! With sounds of water as intro AHAB entered the stage to spread their nautik mournfulness. You could see fascinated listeners everywhere in the audience. And it surely was a great show they did – pure funeral doom madness. Have to attest a great job to my guitarist as well. Slowly and heavily the fog was flowing on the stage just like the heavy doom riffs out of the PA. The new stuff from the new “The Divinity of Oceans” album and the old songs were harmonizing very well. The higher amount of clean vocals on the new songs were performed almost perfectly. It is always a pleasure to attend an AHAB show.



The headliner of the evening – DORNENREICH – seemed to have an advantage over the other bands judging from the shirts of the visitors. I guess a third of the crowd was wearing a DORNENREICH shirt. And the band knew how to use this advantage. They played a kind of best of set but with some surprises and with a really good sound (better than the last show I attended in W├╝rzburg / Posthallen in March). Their truely loyal fans of course went crazy despite of the temperatures in the club which must have climbed over 40 degrees celsius at this time. Not to mention that the band had to play one extra song.

What an evening. Everything worked out in the end. Fears of the venue being too packed or some other problems turned out to be gratuitous. I am very happy about this success and the bands were too. And like expected they were really crazy about the catering, the club and the atmosphere. I want to say THANK YOU to all the guys in my live crew, to the tour package including sound engineer, light technician, bus driver and everyone who was attending the show!

The Crew

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