September, 30th – Stuttgart, Club Zentral – Secrets Of The Moon, Sólstafir, Code


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It has been some days since I posted the last life sign. But well – there were a lot of things going on during that days. First of all we had to prepare everything for this show out of our METAL NIGHT series I am going to report about now. It was a great possibility for both, seeing three very talented extreme metal bands and for meeting old friends again.

I started some work a day before and was satisfied with the amount of completed tasks. The next day everything looked totally different. I had a stiff back due to a light air going through my appartment and I guess I have slept in a totally terrible position. No way of moving fast. All the tasks that were left were mainly about packing and carrying things. I had no time for the pain in my back. I picked up a friend who is part of the crew (last METAL NIGHT show he was playing as guitarist of AHAB). And we got to the venue 2pm. The tour baggage arrived later and after putting everything up we felt confident that the show will be a success.

First on the stage was the Norwegian / English cooperation CODE which always reminded me of Arcturus. This should change a little bit with their appearance at the METAL NIGHT show. The sound turned out to be more unique in the live version. Anyway after a bit of problems at the beginning the bands performance was growing with every minute they played. Apparently there were three or four really huge fans in the audience knowing the lyrics and every single note of the songs. Later on the fact would emerge that there is really dedicated fans for every single band of this evening among the crowd. But what I did not get was were all the flour has gone… (no explanations why I made this statement here)



The first time SÓLSTAFIR are seriously touring Germany was of course one reason why almost 150 people were showing up this evening. Like expected the club was packed when they started their set with an instrumental intro which would be followed by four very long and intense tracks. Like the new album is promising the songs were heavy live versions but without going back to SÓLSTAFIRs old aggressiveness and instead building up a somtimes very opressive, sometimes very liberating atmosphere. The great light show added a mysterious aspect to this show and at the same time emphasized the vibe of the music. Awesome – and everyone who was there would agree.



I heard a lot of complaints that SECRETS OF THE MOON became even more boring with the new album. Others might say they are trying to bethink theirselves of their strengths. Being a fan from both, their early days and their newer albums, I would agree with the latter. But I was a bit disappointed with their show on Summer Breeze Open Air 2009 which the band itself stated as a very weak show due to technical problems. The new songs are a lot slower but still heavier than everything they did before. And they need time to develop. On this evening the songs were unfolding with their full power and really convinced the audience as I heard from some people later that evening. For me I was blown away by “Queen among the rats” and of course the unavoidable “Lucifer speaks”. The only song I really missed was “Bleak star” – still one of my favourites.



Amazing – in an own world – this is what describes the musical experiences of this evening best. All three bands were contributing heavy and atmospheric shows with no room for any improvement. My crew was fascinated and enthusastic and so was the rest of the audience…

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Actually, those three-or-four fans were present in the front row all the time. And they were singing, dancing, jerking, suffering with all three bands. I must know, because I was one of them 😉 .

This was one of the best live shows I ever encountered and definitely the best one this year so far. Topped every goddamn outdoor festival.

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